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Towards the love in life :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 1 0 Ocean's Flame :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 2 3 Lattice :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 0 0 at home nowhere :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 1 6 Iris :: Yelshua contest entry :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 0 1 Little Heartless :: redux :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 0 2
Club Aiosonne-Halfingr contest
The winged kitten woke up suddenly, moments after his Terminal device began beeping.  Cog spent a moment adjusting to the late-morning light, then waiting for his mind to wake up enough to figure out what the noise was about.  After a few moments, he realized that the beeps emanating from the table across the room were the result of a portal appearing somewhere outside.  He groaned a bit as his body stretched itself out before he rolled off the bed, catching himself on his paws just before hitting the dirt floor.  The cat wandered outside the tiny hut that was his home, walking past the handpainted sign at the door.  "Cog's den," it read, in the child's handwriting.
Cog walked down the narrow path behind his home, following the sound of the brook that ran behind the hut.  He knelt down, placed his paws in the cold water, and splashed off his face, squinting and grimacing at the wetness.  Shaking himself off, he went
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Nameless :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 0 4
Impulse: Turn And Fly
Cry for me
because I'm leaving.  I want to turn around
I want to
run to you I want to
come back home
hold you close
I want
to fly.
You watch me go and we
cry and hide our eyes and--
--and wish.
For so much, we wish.
For too much,
Almost.  Just a little more and
then it's gone too far.
And then I've gone too far.
Not too far to come back, though.
Maybe after the work is done.
Maybe not until it starts.
Maybe not ever.
Or maybe
I'll turn and run back.
Maybe I'll come home to stay.
I will find a home.
That's a promise.
But where that home will be is still
or clouded,
or in other words still in the Future.
I guess I could try going Back To The,
but that would require a DeLorean.
And those are in short supply these days.
There's no going back.
No chasing after
the dreams and the
Not the ones I've left.
It's left to each to make new ones,
to find their truth and safety.
But there is a home for me.
There is.
There is a happiness.
There is a s
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Angelic :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 3 9 Tarrasque chibi WUT. :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 4 10
Night thoughts
I think it's after midnight.
The whole house is asleep, even the stairs, the doors, the floors, the walls.  I can hear things winding down, even so long after they've been left alone.  There are more people here than usual.  More than the house fits.  I think more are coming tomorrow.  I don't know when they'll all go.  Soon, probably.  Too soon.
It's warm, summer.  Snoring in the other room.  I know someone's there, of course.  Hope I don't wake them.  How many people have come here in the last few days?  I haven't even bothered to count.  The atmosphere is weary, the sound and smell and pressure of so many people worn out after a long day.
I was with them for many hours today.  I saw so many that were not like me.  A few that were.  But mostly too different to compare.  One of them scared me.  I haven't see
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Demiaverse: Clouds
A lightning bolt arced through the stormy air, barely missing the blue Demia as she darted out of the way.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because you don't deserve him!"
"And more importantly, because he doesn't deserve YOU!"  Another blast of electricity soared through the air from NiMBUS' hand.
As RAiN dodged through the clouds, her mind raced.  This feud between herself and NiMBUS had been going on for over a week, in Waking-time, and she still could not figure out why.  Throwing a layer of cloud between her and her assailant, she ducked below the cover it provided, trying to stay out of sight.  Because he doesn't deserve me, thought RAiN.  What does she mean by that?
"I have no control over his actions.  He left of his own free will!"
"And that's why you're pathetic!  He left in spite of what you two had!"  The tempest increased in its rage, badly throwing off RAiN's fli
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Yearning WP -- 1280x800 :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 1 2 PURiTY :: color :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 5 11 Lemon and Lime :: color :iconq-lok:Q-Lok 5 27

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Captain Douglas Falcon drew in a great beath, filling his lungs in preparation for the exclamation that would soon follow. He gazed upon his foe, a rogueish glint inhabiting his eyes, for he would deliver pain beyond pain to this hapless sap before him. And so he spoke the first portion of his declaration, drawing back a single arm that bulged with muscle and sinew.
Now! It was time to unleash the blazing fury of his attack. Captain Falcon concluded his shout:
As he did so, the Captain brought his fist forward with incredible speed, crimson flames bursting into life and enshrouding his arm and fist like a fatal wreathe. Both fist and inferno, one entity of pain and suffering, slammed directly into Captain Falcon's foe. The enemy was sent flying, soon gone with a departing twinkle in the cloudy skies.
:iconchaosdimentio:ChaosDimentio 13 9
Mature content
Goodbye :iconlordblumiere:LordBlumiere 2 42
Light Once Shone Too
As the one for whom your light once shone
I feel quite obligated to remind you
That you were once just like me--lost and confused
Or was that your emotion running amok again?
Or am I crazy?
Or am I the damned?
:iconlordblumiere:LordBlumiere 1 0
.kiss. :iconabandoned-essence:abandoned-essence 75 29 Boss Battles :iconlordblumiere:LordBlumiere 9 48 Dreamer ID Anthro7 :iconanthro7:Anthro7 14 30 Full Reach :iconanthro7:Anthro7 11 6 Happy Valentine's Day I :iconcaptureaye:CaptureAYE 13 13 Happy Valentine's Day II :iconcaptureaye:CaptureAYE 28 13 Window :iconbtedge116:BTedge116 1 1 Window 2 :iconbtedge116:BTedge116 1 1 Shoes and Boots :iconbtedge116:BTedge116 1 0
A name in the name of God does all man define
The meaning of believing that who we left behind
Can pick up their feet from the dust and the snow
And to help us show the world who they are.
Omnipresent opalescent ghost of a shell
Of what used to be called religion
The decision to decide for ourselves
What truth looks like to us.
Pages of a televised interpretation
Clutter the determination of the powerful
Men .
Towers of marble contempt shadow the true importance;
Home in a cart on wheels, warming hand and hearts over dirty barrels
But the true inhabitant remains
When will you decide what is right?
When will you know? Are you different than me?
When will you know that he is here?
Among the poor sleeps the core of all that means
Anything and everything to man
Sleeps the gentle beast amid the feathers of pigeons and doves
The Wall Street Journal lines his bed
Corporate titans fill the gilded pages
With old word versions of the modern ages
But over the titans lives the government god
:icontigersmoon:tigersmoon 2 9




  • Playing: Minecraft, Tower of Heaven, and Color My World
Hey, everyone! I'm trying this livestreaming thing again, this afternoon at 2:00 MST sharp. This time around, I'm going to be playing some indie games, such as Tower of Heaven, Color My World, and of course, Minecraft.

I'm looking to be at it for a few hours, so please come in and watch for awhile!


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Favourite genre of music: I'll listen to pretty much anything except reggae.
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Wallpaper of choice: Genesis 1280x800
Favourite cartoon character: NiGHTS, Sonic, anyone drawn by CLAMP or Tezuka, Vash, Wolfwood, the ReBoot and Beast Wars casts
Personal Quote: "You'd understand the symbolism better if you were Red5!" - BDSb


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